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About Us

With more than 40 years of  service to the community, Villa Hope offers its residents secure, safe support in the community, further enhanced by an experienced, dedicated, and compassionate staff.  We believe every individual has the right to become involved in his/her own care, and to have the services available to help each individual reach his/her greatest potential.  Villa Hope Residential Services has been established to provide these services. At Villa Hope, each individual is recognized for his/her uniqueness, his/her capabilities and his/her possibilities.  In order for each individual to reach his/her highest level of independence, an individualized plan of service and treatment is prepared. Resident, family, staff, and other agency representatives develop this plan, and work together to achieve the individual’s goals.

Our Program Managers and Case Managers conduct periodic assessments of each individual’s abilities, in an effort to determine how their needs are changing.  We believe that establishing an accepting and understanding relationship between staff and consumer is a necessary condition for growth and positive change to occur.