1970 – Fr. Timmon Costello  launched a modest effort with a small grant to provide support for newly released prisoners returning to the Appleton area.  He started with a simple idea: provide food, shelter and work to help men reintegrate back into the community.

Expansion and development of new programming over the next decade saw the development of many of today’s premier non-profit residential support programs in addition to Villa Hope, such as: Villa Phoenix, Casa Claire, Garvey Hall, and COTTS.

Services to disability populations became a cornerstone of Villa Hope’s mission during the 1980’s and 1990’s.  Individuals served included those with substance abuse issues, mental illness, developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

1980 – The current 15 bed group home (Community Based Residential Facility) was built at 613 N Division Street, and in 1993, the first residential homes for the Supported Apartment Program were purchased.

1994 – Brought the development of the Community Support Program in Green Bay, offering an innovative community-based model of delivering mental health services to consumers in their home and in the community.

2008 – New developments led to the creation of the Special Apartment Program, offering 24/7 intensive one-on-one support and supervision for adults in need of that level of care.  The program continues to expand to serve those requiring intensive support to live safely and successfully in the community.