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Our Mission


Our Mission at Villa Hope is to provide a safe and healthy environment for adults suffering from severe and persistent mental illness, developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, chemical dependencies and other related disorders through education, therapy, support and most importantly, Hope. We believe that a healthy support system, strong and effective resources, and Hope, are the best ingredients to cultivate healthy lifestyle choices and independence.


Villa Hope strives to be a leading provider of individualized services to promote independence and a better quality of life for the people we serve.


We value PEOPLE.

We believe all people should be treated with dignity, respect and acceptance, and that individual differences should be taken into account.


We believe in meeting those we serve where they are in life with understanding, caring and acceptance.

We value HOPE.

We believe there is always the possibility for a better quality of life and we actively encourage those we serve to always have hope.

We value CHOICE.

We believe offering individuals choices allows them to change and grow.  Individuals should be encouraged to make choices about their care.


We believe service goals need to be developed, articulated and to evolve over time to meet the changing needs of each individual.

Rest easy knowing that Hope lives here, at Villa Hope.